Child of the Moon - Tizzy's Return


She bade farewell to the Angel and to Gelveren and gathered her bag, slung it back over her shoulder and scooted off in the direction of the Inn.

Tizzy was quickly sidetracked and went about looking at the interesting things in a few other tents.She also took great pleasure in checking out the interesting hair she found about the Market place.

She spent about an hour just looking at and harassing the hair on a particular woman's head. The hair was made up of many tiny snakes. Tizzy had no idea that the woman was a Medusa halfling, half Medusa, half human. She didn't even know what a Medusa was.

'Snakes!' Thought Tizzy. 'Of all things to make hair from! Snakes!'

She harassed the snakes until one of them nearly bit her. Finally she had to know why the woman had snakes for hair.

"Hello? Please let Tizzy ask question."

The woman looked at her with annoyance, "If I do, will you leave my hair alone?"

Tizzy looked at her most gravely, "Tizzy will promise."

"Very well then. What is your question?"

"Please ... Tizzy would like to know why you have snakes for hair?"

The woman sighed heavily, "Why am I not surprised!"

"I am a descendant of a descendant of the Medusa, but not the notorious creature of such ill repute. My mother, however was quite human. Because I am only half Medusa I don't automatically turn living creatures to stone. I have the ability to turn that power off or turn it on at will."

"What is Medusa?"

The woman looked at her with some surprise, "You don't know what Medusa is?"

Tizzy shook her head with an innocent look in her eyes. The woman sighed deeply once more and proceeded to tell the little wind sprite about her ancestor. Finally the Medusa said it was late and that she needed to go home. When Tizzy realized how late into the day it had gotten, she squeaked loudly.

"Oh! Oh... Oh... Tizzy is late! My Lady will think Tizzy is getting in trouble again! My Lady will be thinking Tizzy broke promise to stay out of trouble! Tizzy better go back! Straight back! Tizzy can not look at more things and people! Tizzy better fly fast as Tizzy can fly!"

There was a startlingly loud popping sound that made several people around jump quite high. They looked around to see what it had been, but no one had the faintest idea what had happened. They looked at each other, scratched their heads and shrugged their shoulders.Unable to find the cause of the startling noise, they went back to their own business.

By this time Tizzy was already halfway back to the Inn and closing the distance at an alarming speed. She had been so worried about worrying her Lady, that she had forgotten to worry about being able to stop in time to avoid squashing herself against the closed door of the Dragon's Inn. By the time she realized her mistake she could see the great door and it was too late to avoid it!

~Oh! Tizzy is not always smart enough! My Lady! Please open door! Tizzy does not want to get squashed! Please hear Tizzy!~ Tizzy was only thinking the words and in the second it had taken her to think them she had arrived at the dreaded door.


The Lady was sitting at the table with the rest of the group when she suddenly looked up at the great door. She furrowed her slender white eyebrows slightly and tipped her head to the side. Then tipped her head the other way and seemed as though listening very closely to something.

Then she raised her hand and firmly asked everyone at the table to be silent. She listened more closely. Then she grinned and her eyes sparkled with some great amusement. She then motioned her hand in a graceful, sweeping motion towards the door of the Inn. The door instantly swung wide open and Tizzy zoomed in; feet first as though she were using her heels as breaks. Her wings were aimed forwards past her front as well in an effort to stop before hitting the door.

There was a glowing blue mist flowing back from her heels as though she created smoke from friction with the air itself and a very high pitched shrieking sound could be heard throughout the Inn. Some people covered their ears trying to block out the sound, while others turned to see what made the awful noise. Tizzy came to a sudden halt just in front of her Lady.

"My Lady! Tizzy is sorry Tizzy is so long in her day! Tizzy was having good day, My Lady! Tizzy was being good! Tizzy not break promise! Tizzy not mean to scare market Lady. Tizzy not know she was scared of bugs and would think Tizzy a bug! Tizzy made her feel better, Tizzy did! Tizzy not make..." Tizzy suddenly stopped talking and put her tiny hand to her tiny mouth. She turned and looked at the door and back to her Lady.

"Tizzy's Lady heard Tizzy!? My Lady made door open. Tizzy almost got squished! Tizzy is grateful Tizzy not hit door. Tizzy would have been dead if Tizzy hit that one! Thank you my Lady!"

The Lady looked at Tizzy with much amusement on her face. "By my mother's moonbeam, Tizzy, why are you in such a hurry? Is there a furyfire after your wings again?"

"No My Lady, no fur...! No furyfires here, my Lady! You pluck Tizzy's toes with jokes again! Always get me too! Tizzy is worried you will think she is late because Tizzy is in trouble again.Tizzy is not in trouble... Is she?"

"Well that depends on what you have been up to all day."

"Tizzy went shopping! Tizzy found presents! Tizzy found present for you! Tizzy found wonderful, most perfect present for Miss 'Antha too!"

With that Tizzy put her bag on the table and dove head first into it. The others could see the lump that was her, moving around until she finally squeaked with delight as she got her hands on the first fruit basket. Out came Tizzy with a large basket of fruit which she placed on the table, then she dove right back in again. She repeated this until she had brought out all the baskets of fruits and breads she had bought.

"Tizzy bought fruits and breads from lady in market. The one who thought Tizzy was a bug. Very nice lady, she is. Tizzy knows her Lady will like stuff because they are her Lady's favorite foods! Fruits and Breads.My Lady could almost live off Fruits and Breads if Tizzy would let her!"

Then Tizzy turned to Amarantha and walked right up to her.

"Tizzy bought Miss 'Antha a present too! Tizzy hopes that Tizzy and Miss 'Antha will be friends!"

Tizzy reached back into her tiny bag and brought out the gift of friendship she had gotten for Amarantha.

It was a very tiny bottle not holding more than half an ounce of perfume. It was an exquisitely delicate shade of pink with a pale silver flower embossed on it. The flower had some kind of magic in it because each time one looked at it, it was a different flower of the same color. There were tiny little diamonds set into the flower, looking like water droplets glittering on the petals. Just above the flower and off to the right was a yellow diamond with streams of light glowing from it as they reflected the lighting from the Inn. It looked like the sun shining down on the flower. A strong oriental scent emanated from it, still lingering there from when Tizzy had opened it in the tent that morning.

Tizzy placed the bottle carefully in the palm of her tiny hand. Tiny as the bottle was it still was larger than Tizzy's hand. She held it upward to Amarantha and asked if she would accept her gift of friendship.


She scowled in contempt at the walls of the Coliseum. This place was not about fighting, it was about outright slaughter. The fighters, those poor slaves were pitted against, were skilled fighters, well beyond the league of their adversaries. And what was with that lion-woman strutting around the place, offering herself as a prize to any who bested her in combat? Disappointed, she walked out of the Coliseum amidst the throng of other people. She'd lost Seth, but she was sure he was perfectly capable of finding his way back to the Inn on his own. Elite still had the bottle strung and hidden on the saddle, so she could feel its tug, urging her to return to the Inn, to be in close vicinity to it. Hopefully, the bottle would still be there when she got back.

A growl in her stomach told her she was hungry, and she quickened her pace a little. She felt a tug at her belt and noticed the dagger was missing. Looking around she spotted the ruby bejeweled blade in the hands of a young boy. He'd currently stopped to converse with a woman with ink black hair and white skin. She was dressed in an indigo velvet dress, and was holding out a hand. The boy reluctantly handed the blade to her and ran off into the crowd.

Amarantha recognized the woman almost straight away. Her Aunt Lysande, retrieving the rare and dangerous blade. Lysande looked up at her, and vanished, like a ghost. No doubt many who saw this would think so too. She felt the now familiar weight of the weapon resting back in its sheath, and quickly glanced down to confirm her suspicions. ~I am going to have to be a little more alert than thatin the future~, she thought and headed back to the Inn. She saw the others, and walked over there.Most of the gang were back.

She called to Sera and ordered a glass of white wine from an area in the eastern area of Ilfrean.Aged anywhere from 20 to 25 years.

She pulled up a chair and waited for Sera to return with the wine, and then listened to see what everyone was talking about. No sooner though had she sat down, than a chattering Tizzy whizzed by her, talking to The Lady telling her of her adventures at the Market.Then Tizzy came up to her with an exquisite little perfume bottle, offering it as a gift of friendship.

"Thank you Tizzy. This is absolutely adorable. Very sweet of you. I'll have to show you a little secret about my other perfume bottle one day."


Tizzy smiled happily at Amarantha. It was a most childish expression. Then she sat down on the table, pulled her knees up, crossed her ankles in front of her, parked her elbows on her knees and her chin in her hands. She looked up at Amarantha for a few moments then looked at the bottle and back to Amarantha.

"Does Miss 'Antha like the smell? How do they make the flower change? Tizzy never saw that kind of magic before."


She looked at the bottle for a moment, allowing the magic within her eyes to focus in on the bottle's auras. To her eyes, the bottle glowed a soft lilac and silver. Many a time Amarantha had rifled through her mother's endless array of potions and perfumes, and had figured out how to use her eyes to reveal the magick auras surrounding the ones that were enchanted.

She opened the bottle to see what was inside. A heavy, sharp and spicy aroma wafted up. She used her eyes again to focus in on the liquid. Whatever it was, this was more than just some strong and exotic perfume. The golden aura glimmered before her eyes, and she could now see it in the air as well.

Quickly, to prevent the precious liquid within from evaporating, she reapplied the lid back on the bottle.

"Tizzy, where did you get this? I doubt you would have seen magick like this. This bottle is very pretty, and magical. But I'll show you something ..." She closed her eyes for a moment and using a little trick taught to her by an undine, opened them again, allowing the aura to be visible by all.

The tiny bottle, now shone lilac and silver with its aroma now visible as a shimmering gold mist.

"See that? It's called an aura. There are different auras for different things. Creatures have auras around them that you can look at to reveal their personality, their skills, and how they are feeling. Plants can exude auras that display any properties they might have. This aura shows that the bottle has magical properties and some power. I'm not so good on purple, but I know it's not to do with combat - that's red, or love - pink, or healing which is blue.It doesn't cleanse or protect. If it was, there'd be white. Black means it has a darker purpose, like poison or something, and it doesn't have that. Green, yellow and orange I'm still not sure on when it comes to magick. This silver tells me that the magick cast in this bottle is mortal of origin, of this plain. But that gold you see, exists only amongst the supernatural. Whatever this is, is incredibly rare, and undoubtedly worth a lot more than what you paid for it."

She hung the bottle from a gold chain around her neck and watched on.


Seth woke up in time to see that everyone had made it back from the Market. Even Tizzy was back and talking about the things she saw there. The look on her face was a wonderful sight to his eyes. It reminded him of looks he saw on his Fye family. The look of wonder and delight. Seth chuckled under his breath when Tizzy brought out her gift for Amarantha. It was a tiny bottle full of perfume.

"Smells nice. Tizzy has a good nose when it comes to something that smells that good." For some reason Seth started seeing Amarantha in a whole new light. She was not just pretty, but she was more. She was beautiful! She had a strange aura around her. All the colors of the rainbow flowed around her. Almost like a cloud of colors. He felt his heart beating faster and his head started swimming. Everything started to spin around and around.

"I need a bit more rest I think." Reaching for the glass that Sera placed in front of him, he took a deep drink and shook his head.

"Wow! What a rush."

Seth looked up from his drink later, when he heard The Lady address him by his name.

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