Child of the Moon - Tizzy's Day at the Market


Tizzy took forever to finish her breakfast because she kept flitting around the room to look at the other patrons there. There weren't many in the room yet; too early she supposed. In the course of her travels Tizzy overheard some one talking about Market Day today.From what she heard it sounded like a fascinating place to go.She hurried back to her Lady and Tizzy was IN a Tizzy!

"My Lady! There is going to be a Market Day! Things to touch! Things to see! Many strange ...!? Tizzy doesn't have the word. Big word. What is word?"

Tizzy pointed at all the different people in the room, "What are they?"

The Lady looked at Tizzy and then told her that a good word might be life forms.It would be all inclusive and non insulting.

"Big word works! Can Tizzy go see Market Day? Oh please, can Tizzy go? All by Tizzy's self? Tizzy be careful! Tizzy promise!Pleasepleasepleaseplease! Tizzynotmaketrouble, Please!"

With that the Lady made a beautiful sound, like tiny shards of magic crystals falling softly on a crystal lake. It took a moment for the others to realize it was the sound of her laughter. The laughter was accented by her small but bright smile.Her face seemed to glow a little while she laughed.

"Yes Tizzy, you may go. Please remember who's lives you affect with your behavior and represent me well."

"Tizzy WILL!"

Tizzy zoomed away from the table so fast she made a small popping sound as the air collapsed where she had been. She was already at the door before the sound was gone and then she turned around and came right back again.

"Tizzy forget to say thank you! Thank you my Lady! Tizzy is glad!"

Then she looked at everyone else at the table and waved at them as a small child might and was gone again, reaching the door before the popping sound was gone. She was confronted by a very large, heavy door in her way and she skidded to a stop. She was not on time to avoid contact with it and she made a surprisingly loud cracking sound as she hit it. The Lady watched closely to see if Tizzy would move again and motioned for the others to remain as they were.

Tizzy stayed there, stuck to the middle of the door for about thirty seconds before she began to move again.

"Tizzy is OK. Tizzy thinks she will live. Tizzy should slow down just little! Door won't open!"

With that Tizzy began to sort of scale the door sideways until she reached the edge of it.

"Door opens other way!"

With that she scaled the door to the other side and then simply squeezed through the small crack between the door and the frame. From there she flew straight up into the air and did a spin, a twist and a swan dive straight to a sunflower growing along the path from the Inn to the street.

"Tizzy loves flowers! Oooooh, pretty flower with huge seeds!" She sniffed the seeds and then gathered two; one for her to eat and one to plant. It was her way: For every flower she ate seeds from she would plant one to thank the flower for the meal and to replace the flower. She sat first on one of the petals to eat the sunflower seed.

"Mmmm, yummy!"

Then she carried the other seed to the ground. She set the seed carefully on a small stone where it would be safe. Then she walked ten sprite paces from the stalk of the sunflower. Then she dug a small hole with her hands, smelling the dirt as she did so.

"Dirt needs water."

With that, Tizzy put the sunflower seed into the ground, making sure it was pointed the right direction. She buried it and then went and got half of the shell from the seed she had eaten.Using the shell, she fetched water from a small bucket beside the Inn, making several trips until the newly planted seed had enough water. She took a brief moment to bathe in the bucket of water, washing off the Nectar she has been all but swimming in for breakfast.After that she sat next to the small mound left by the seed and sang a song to it.Her voice shimmering and shivering even more as she sang.

"Tiny seed filled of life. Tiny seed such delight. Grow for me and show your light. Grow up big and grow up tall. Behold the glory Of Life's first Light!"

With the last note of her song the sunflower literally burst from the ground and bloomed fully, releasing it's fragrance into the world. Tizzy smiled brightly, thanked the flower for the meal and the Life and flitted away; heading in the direction that the sound of many people came from.

"Tizzy is off to the Market!" Tizzy arrived first at a fair sized crowd of people. She had never seen so many people at one time! She didn't know there could be so many Life forms on one world, this was due in part to the fact that her moon was very small and the population was even smaller: A tiny world of limited population. There seemed to be no population control at all here.

She buzzed above the heads of the people she saw, looking at the many different colors of hair, the varying textures of the hair and the unconforming lengths and styles of hair. She moved very closely to a head covered in incredibly green hair.

"Strange strange hair! Is green! GREEN! Tizzy not see green hair before." She buzzed closely enough to take a few strands of the green hair into her tiny hand. The result was getting swatted at and hearing a very gruff voice saying something about a "stupid bug." She flitted on to look at another head of hair.

In her excitement at the wide variety hair Tizzy got swatted at several times before she decided to look at something else.

A brightly colored tent caught her interest and Tizzy fluttered over to it and went inside.She found many fascinating things there to amuse her for some time. There were brightly colored bottles of pretty smells and bitter smells. There were strange objects that had a strange slippery texture; some of them smelled very nice, like flowers, others smelled very strong and foul to Tizzy's sensitive nose.

The Market Keeper told her they were called soap and that some were used to clean the body, others to clean clothing, furniture or other objects.Tizzy spotted a particularly ornate bottle on a shelf in the corner of the tent.It was a very tiny bottle not holding more than half an ounce of perfume.It was an exquisitely delicate shade of pink with a pale silver flower embossed on it. The flower had some kind of magic in it because each time Tizzy looked at it, it was a different flower of the same color. There were tiny little diamonds set into the flower, looking like water droplets glittering on the petals. Just above the flower and off to the right was a yellow diamond with streams of light glowing from it as they reflected the lighting from the tent. It looked like the sun shining down on the flower.

She flew up to it and touched the lid, causing it to pop off and float in the air just above. She took a deep breath of the strong oriental fragrance it produced. "

Mmm,Tizzy thinks Miss ‘Antha would like this smell!" Tizzy know she would like the bottle. "Miss ‘Antha likes pretty bottles." She has one she keeps with her. Tizzy saw it at the table before sleep time."

"Miss Keeper, how much for pretty bottle?" Tizzy put the lid back into the bottle; she wanted it for Miss ‘Antha.

The shop keeper came over to see which bottle the little sprite was looking at.

"That one is an expensive one, my dear. It costs six gold coins."

Tizzy looked at the woman, "Gold coins? What is ‘gold coins?"

The shop keeper was sure that she had just lost a possible customer. It was highly unlikely that someone who didn't even know what a gold coin was would be liable to have enough money to pay for anything.

"Gold coins are money, my dear. One uses them to pay , or trade, for things they want or need."

"Oh! Tizzy has no gold coins but Tizzy has this!Is this good for trade for pretty bottle?" Tizzy reached into a tiny little bag that magically appeared slung around her neck and came out with a brilliantly red gemstone. It was a ruby about the size of Tizzy's head. The shop keeper's eyes bulged out so much that Tizzy thought they might fall from their sockets. She took the ruby from Tizzy's hand and examined it closely. Being something of an expert on precious stones she knew immediately that it was a genuine ruby of exceptional quality.

"The bottle is yours little sprite and you can choose something else too if you'd like. This ruby is worth about three thousand gold coins. You could almost buy everything in here for this."

"Tizzy does not want everything but Tizzy will look some more."

Tizzy fussed around the shop for a while longer. The shop keeper pointed out some body soap and some skin lotion that were of the same scent in the bottle. They were worth about two bronze coins between them. Tizzy took them and the bottle and placed them carefully into the tiny bag she now carried.

"My goodness!" The shop keeper exclaimed, "How in heavens did you get that all in there!"

Tizzy looked up at her and smiled brightly, "Just a little faery magic! Not all have this magic... But Tizzy does!" "Good bye, Keeper! Thank you!"

Tizzy flew out of the bright tent and went straight into the very next tent. There she found other baubles and fascinating things to look at. There was jewelry of most every kind there; belts to wear, necklaces, tiaras, bracelets... There were even a few lady's daggers encrusted with precious gems. Tizzy liked the shining, glittering things but there was nothing there that she thought to buy.

From the jewelry tent Tizzy moved into a weapons tent.There she saw more things to end life than she knew could have existed. Life was a most precious thing to her and this place made her feel very frightened and uncomfortable. She would have liked to totally trash the place if she hadn't promised not to get into any trouble. She didn't stay.

From there Tizzy found a large tent where they were selling fruits and breads of every kind. This place Tizzy knew right away she would like. Tizzy loved fruit and so did her Lady. She went to the shop keeper to ask if her stones would pay for some fruit but the woman seemed quite terrified of her. Swatting at her wildly and screaming in panic woman ran from the tent. Tizzy had no idea what she had done wrong, no idea at all. She certainly hadn't intended to cause trouble. She sat down on the counter, rested her elbows on a small cherry, her chin in her hands and waited for the woman to calm down and come back inside. Tizzy waited a long time by her standards.

When the woman finally got brave enough to go back inside to see if the bug had left she did so cautiously. She had her arm raised in readiness to strike out at a moments notice, her weapon of choice rolled up and clutched tightly in her hand. At first she didn't see Tizzy sitting quite still against the cherry. When Tizzy knew she had been spotted she raised a tiny hand and waved at the large well rounded shop keeper.

"Please do not hurt Tizzy. Tizzy in not here for trouble. Tizzy promised no trouble today. Please...Tizzy just wants to trade for some fruit."

The shaken shop keeper moved cautiously closer to Tizzy and examined her quite carefully.

"Why land sakes alive! You're no bug! Why ever didn't you say so!Land sakes if you aren't just the tiniest little people thing I have ever seen! Can I keep you?"

"No Miss Keeper. Tizzy already has good home." Tizzy was quite certain she would hate living in this woman's hair, even IF she could survive there for more than a tiny march of days in hair what didn't Live. It was a dull, flat grey mat of scraggly, wiry hair. It didn't look like it had been combed or washed in weeks. Tizzy shuddered slightly at the thought of anything that might actually like living there. It would probably try to have Tizzy for dinner!

"Tizzy would like to know if gemstone is good for trade for fruit."

She reached into her bag and brought out another gemstone. This time it was an emerald. The woman snatched it out of Tizzy's hand and examined it carefully. She didn't know much about these things but it sure glowed like it might be real! She nodded. What fruit did you have in mind, little people."

"Tizzy would like to have seven of every thing! If stone is enough?"

"Stone is enough," said the shop keeper. Did you want them in separate baskets or one

big one. How do you plan to carry all of it? You look to small to carry much more than a cherry."

"Separate baskets, please. Tizzy will manage. Tizzy will put baskets into bag and carry them."

So the woman put seven of every fruit she had into individual baskets and watched with a thunderstruck expression on her face as the little creature put the baskets, one by one, into her tiny little bag. Tizzy had twenty one baskets to carry.

Tizzy heard the sound of someone singing and decided to follow the sound to its source. She found a young woman playing a lyre more beautifully than ever her King could play. Tizzy was, quite naturally, most attracted to her flaming red hair. She found a place behind the woman and settled there for the space of a two songs. She didn't much like the first one. It was about a pig going to be killed. Why would some one want to sing about that, she wondered. She liked the second, more haunting song much more, recognizing the ancient dialect but not understanding it at all.

From there she moved to a rather makeshift looking wooden stall that looked as though it might fall down in a strong breeze. She saw a woman there, sitting in a chair talking to a man sitting in another chair. from the distance it looked like the woman had wings.

Wings! Tizzy shivered with excitement! If this woman had wings maybe she was the kind of woman her Queen had talked about in the stories she had spent countless hours telling her Daughter and Tizzy about while the nameless child grew up. No one was even sure if these winged people still existed, or if they really ever had. Tizzy had done her best to serve her Lady in the manner that these creatures of her ancient folklore had been reputed to serve their own masters. She knew she could never come even close to matching their tenacity or strength of character, she was far too temperamental for that, but she did aspire to doing her best. Even Tizzy's own parents had told her stories of the Angels while raising her.

Tizzy moved in closer and was almost afraid to approach once she was certain beyond doubt that this was indeed one of the Angels she had grown up learning about. Her insatiable curiosity overcame her fear quite quickly though and Tizzy went right up to the Angel. She hovered in front of her for a moment before landing on the ground, a very dangerous place for a one inch Sprite to be. Tizzy knew that if the Angel would talk to her she would spend the rest of her morning right here with her.

"Good Angel... Tizzy would like to sit in the palm of the most humble Angel and learn from her."

[Angel] snipped from [Market Day/Healers]

Remembering the Sprite, she looked down and spoke in a soft voice. "Now my little Sprite, what do you wish for me to teach you? I can see that you can fly and by the way your magic bag looks, you have been busy at the market. Would you care to show me what you have found?" Her stomach growled once more from lack of food. The bread had been used as a misguided weapon rather than nourishment for her hunger. She waited to see if the tiny Sprite had anything good in the bag.

"Knowing most Sprites , they love to gathers things that smell and taste good. They also love to share things if they feel that they are safe. Perhaps she would share her finds with me." Watching the Sprite as she opened her little bag , she looked up at Gelveren.

" Master? Do you mind if I sit here and enjoy her company. I promise I will behave" and she laughed a most musical laugh and crossed her heart with one finger. " I Promise"...........


Tizzy grinned happily at the angel and unslung the bag from her shoulder and began sticking her hand inside, "Tizzy finds nice things for new friend of her Lady! New friend likes pretty bottles and Tizzy found her one! Tizzy hopes Miss "Antha like pretty bottle. Tizzy found some not so nice stuff too. Tizzy did not buy, Tizzy left shop! Tizzy found shop with many pretty baubles too but Tizzy doesn't know any one who would want, 'cept Miss 'Antha and Tizzy already found present for her! Then Tizzy found FOOD shop! Shop has fruits and breads and Tizzy bought whole bunch of every thing! Does Humble Angel eat fruit? Tizzy will get fruit for Humble Angel!"

With that she dug deeper into he bag, reaching first her whole tiny arm n and then she stuck her head into the bag. From there she followed with her torso, muttering something about the bag being too deep and she can't reach the stuff. Now all that could be seen was the tips of her wings and her legs kicking about in the air.

"Tizzy still can't reach! Not quite...!" With that Tizzy made a motion as though she was stamping her feet in the air. "No, no, Humble Angel! Must not touch bag! Bag might decide to keep Angel. Not good! No, no, not good at all!" Then she completely disappeared into the tiny bag. Those watching, in relative amusement at her antics, could see a little bump moving around inside the bag. Then all of a sudden they heard her squeal with delight and then she burst out of the bag carrying two fruit and a loaf of bread, round and braided and sweet smelling.

"Tizzy found it! Tizzy bought for her Lady but will share with Angel! My Lady will be proud to hear Tizzy shared with Angel... If my Lady believes Tizzy really saw real Angel."

Tizzy placed the food into the Angel's lap and looked up at her as though she was looking at a hero worthy of her admiration.

"Please teach Tizzy? Any thing Angel has to teach... Tizzy will try to learn... If Angel will teach?"

Then Tizzy remembered hearing the two healers talking about the Angel needing to heal and that it would take time. She flitted up to Gleveren and stopped just in front of his face. She took a close and long look into both of his eyes before she nodded in a matter of fact way and then she dared to do the same to Ss"Thar. Having satisfied herself as to what she saw in their eyes she glided back down to sit on the arm of the chair.

"Is all good! Both! Both all good, But this one," She pointed at Gleveren, "isn't sure about Angel's ways! Not like the Master thing. Lizard had hurt in his heart-soul." Tizzy turned back to the Angel, "Can Humble Angel teach Tizzy now or should Tizzy come back?"

[ Angel ]

Angel listened to the ramblings of the tiny sprite. She watched as the sprite disappeared into her bag.

"Tizzy is it? Well Tizzy, you better be careful in there. You might get....."and about that time Tizzy busted from her bag carry a loaf of sweet bread and two very large red apples. Both looked to big for her to carry but she brought them both out one on top of the other. Placing the bread and the apples in her lap she smiled up to see if Angel was satisfied with her choice.

" They look wonderful Tizzy. Thank you. The bread feels warm too. That is a very special bag " and she laughed. "I do not think the bag will eat me but I will be more careful next time " and she smiled and winked.

Angel watched as Tizzy flew over and looked at Gelveren and then Ss'Thar. She came back and landed on the arm of the chair.

"Is all good! Both! Both all good, But this one," She pointed at Gelveren, "isn't sure about Angel's ways! Not like the Master thing. Lizard had hurt in his heart-soul." Tizzy turned back to the Angel, "Can Humble Angel teach Tizzy now or should Tizzy come back?"

Angel shook her head and smiled. " Yes I know My master is having trouble with my laws Tizzy but I am sure that we can work things out. As for Ss'Thar. I am not sure what you mean . We have just met, and under difficult circumstances" and she laughs, remembering the bread.

"He is a friend to my master. Maybe later he may sit down and talk." Whispering, Angel said "I think he is a bit shy" and she looked up at Ss'Thar and smiled.

Looking down at the tiny Sprite she said "No Tizzy. Please stay and chat. I will show you a bit of magic that you can do."

Pulling a bit of hair from her face she thought about what she could teach a sprite. "They are magical and very curious about living things. They hate to waste anything. Lets see " and she twirled her hair around her finger.

" Now this will take a bit of time but I am not going anywhere for a while. Lets see what we can do."

Placing the bread on the other arm of the chair, she ran one finger across the top and down along the sides. Every time she did this she sliced the bread. Stopping when she meet the middle, she picked the uncut loaf and handed it back to Tizzy.

"I do not wish to eat the whole loaf Tizzy. From what I have gathered, you bought this for your Lady and her friends. It would not be right to eat it all and not share." She smiled and watched as Tizzy placed the rest of the bread back into her bag.

Taking one of the apples, she placed one in the palm of her hand. Running her fingers around and around the apple , she watched as it started to peel the skin right off of it. The skin rolled off and into her lap. There it spun and was made whole once again but it was hollow. The top around the apple where the stem showed was not healed .

" This was a little trick that a Fye King once showed me. He could never eat a whole apple and he hated to waste it. So he would skin the apple and make the skin whole again. Then he would do this......"

Taking the now skinned apple , she ran her finger down the sides making the apple split into four slices. Taking one of the seeds, she reaches for the stem and pulls the top open. Dropping the seed in the skin, she closes her hand around it and waits. A soft red glow around her hand shows that the spell was working. The glow dies down, and the apple was once again whole.

She laughed when she saw Tizzy sitting there clapping her hands like a small child. The look on her face was precious. " Like a small child."

"Would you like to try? It is very easy. I will tell you what to do."

Angel explained how to make the skin peel off and what to do to make it whole. They both spent hours laughing . At first Tizzy had a little trouble with the peel but once Angel told her that she needs to calm down a little bit she was able to do it. The look on her face made Angel laugh.

They broke bread together and Angel would slice a piece of apple for Tizzy. She watched as Tizzy took the other seeds and placed them in her pocket. She had seen other Sprites do that and she knew that somewhere soon there would be a large apple tree full of fruit in town.

"Tizzy? Might I see one of those seeds. I have something special for you." Taking a seed from Tizzy's hand, she reached down and brought up a hand full of dirt. First she smelled it, to be sure it was ok, and then she placed the seed on top the small pile of dirt. Taking one finger she pushes the seed into the dirt, and closed her hand. She closed her eyes and waited. At first nothing happened, then her hand started to shake. She opened her hand and watched as a small plant started to grow up. It grew up and started to spin up and around. It twisted this way and that way, until it looked like a small tree. Leaves started to form on the limbs and then small white flowers. The peddles soon started to fall away and disappear. Where there was a flower, an apple formed.

"These apples are seedless Tizzy, and they are just your size. The tree will stay this way until all the apples are gone. Once the last apple is picked it will become a seed once more. When ever you wish for another tree all you have to do is place it in dirt and close your hands around the seed. Once you close your eyes you need to think about a tree full of apples. I hope that you share them with your friends. They are very sweet."

Taking the small tree she places it into Tizzy's bag. "It will be ok in there until you need it. I bet your Lady will be surprised when she sees that" and she winked.

As the talked , Angel found that Tizzy was a special sprite and was not from this world. She explained why she was here and who she was looking for. Angel sat there and listened to her tales and watched as her little eyes would light up when she talked about 'My Lady'.

"It must be a wonderful life, being able to follow your Lady where ever she goes. I wish I could help you and your lady with your quest , but as you can see it is going to take time for me to heal. My master has been doing a wonderful job" and she leaned down and whispered " He is quite handsome and has a caring touch", and they both giggled.

" When you go back to your lady, be sure and give her my best. If I hear of anything, I will be sure to tell you once I heal up a little better."

Looking up, and seeing that the sun was starting to set , she smiled down at Tizzy. " You better get back to the Lady and her friends. I am sure she will be worried about you. I know I would."

Angel watched as Tizzy flew up, and gave her a little kiss on the cheek causing a warm, shivering sensation to flow through her entire body and thanked her. She then flew off and Angel watched as she fluttered from one person to the next. " Such a sweet thing. I hope she comes back." Taking a deep sigh and watching her fly away, made her stomach tie itself into a knot.

[Back at the Inn]


Seth's wise crack had Amarantha returning to her ill tempered mood that she had prior to the appearance of the golden stallion Elite. She glared at the dippy dryad for a moment. The dryad had never really had much contact with mortals, and what contact she had tended to be with aristocracy. She was accustomed to the pampered court life and so the Inn with its motley patronage intimidated her.

"Don't you have a tree or something that you need to be hanging around?" Amarantha snapped at her. She knew it wasn't nice, but her temper had worn thin and she was in no mood for even trying to be sweet natured..

The spoiled dryad was a little hurt by the Goddess's shortness, but she was relieved for the opportunity to return to the comfort of her willow in the Celestial realms. She hitched her silken gown off the floor and daintily treaded her way out of the inn.

*And you! Last time I heard it was customary for horses to be outside or at least in a stable.* she mentally growled at Elite.

*But I'm not a horse!* the stallion protested.

*Yes you are!* Amarantha replied

*No I'm not! Horses don't have wings or a horn!* he insisted.

*So what! That just means you're a horny flying horse.* she argued

*Funny* came the stallions sarcastic retort *I'm not a horse though."

*Let's see what the others think then." Amarantha sent.

"Hey you guys, would you call Elite a horse?" she asked the rest of the still present group.

[The Major]

The Major cocks his head to one side, as though this may shed some new light on Elite. Coughing into his fist, he offers the opinion that years of cavalry service have formed.

"Possibly a horse of some...inferior or defective breeding...or something along those lines.."


"As much as I am a statute!", Cali answered gesticulating wildly with his arms.

[The Lady]

She turned to study the majestic looking animal. She looked into his eyes and then took in his wings and his eloquin. Tipping her head slightly, in that way that was hers, and flicking a delicate eyebrow she smiled softly before sharing her opinion.

"He is a rather unique fellow isn't he? Very intellegent at that, although he seems somewhat vain. I believe is is a fine combination of three of the finest creatures to ever exist, not including dragons, of course. I see that Elite is combined of a creature designed for service, majesty and greatness. He has the horses gift of service, the Pegasus' gift of greatness and the Unicorn's gift of majesty.

It would be a loss to him and those around him if he were to deny any of his true nature. He is truly a creation who is unique to all others."

[Meanwhile, Seth is upstairs]

Thinking about what he said about the mule remark, he shook his head.

"I had better come back down and apologize to Amarantha. A horse with wings that thinks he's people."

Shaking his head once more he started searching for his key. Unlocking his door he finds the room the same way he left it. Reaching down he grabs his back pack and throws it on the bed.Looking around he finds what he was looking for; the small bag of gems the Captain had given him for helping out. Placing the sapphire in with the rest, he thought: "This should be more than enough to pay for a few good horses." Placing the bag in his pocket, he reaches for Selina.

"Morning Seth. How has your day started out?" She notices the small mark on his cheek.

"Well, it started out OK until Tizzy mistook me for watching The Lady dance out in the court yard last night. We discussed a few things and everything is better now. A group of us is going out to find a few horses for the trip. I thought about taking you along, just in case we run into any more Red Boots."

"I do not think they will be bothering you. I saw to that." Then she added, "but that does not mean that there are not more men like them out there."

"Yes I know. I was there. Remember?"

"Yes Seth, I remember," she laughed. "I saw the Dragon leave. It was a shame. I was hoping to talk to him. Perhaps we will meet another Dragon along the way." Seth heard her sigh, then she asked: "Who is going with you?" She asked this out of courtesy more than curiosity.

"Well myself, Beldon and Cali. I am not sure if Amarantha is going or not. She had a surprise come her way a bit ago. A beautiful stallion walked into the Inn and it had wings. She said it spoke to her. It was strange, because I didn't hear him."

"He was using telepathy. The reading and speaking to the mind . Did you know that you have that ability. Whenever you talked to the Old Tree, he was talking to you using telepathy. You have that power as well. All you have to do is listen very carefully. It may come in handy some time."

"But I always heard the old tree talking as I do with all the trees I talk to. I hear them like I hear you." He looks over at Selina and smiles. " You have been using telepathy all this time. Why didn't you tell me?"

"You never asked. I can send my thoughts to you or to anyone else, if I care to. You can do the same. It was one of the gifts that the Fye bestowed upon you, before you left. I am but a piece of limb from the Old Tree, yet I can speak to you. Have you ever seen my lips move?" She laughed and waited for Seth to say something.

"All this time, what I heard from you and the old tree was in my head. I wondered why I was getting looks from everyone when I was talking to you. They must think me mad. Have you sent them your thoughts?"

"Yes they know who, or should I say what, I am. There will be times that I will speak to the others while I am talking to you. And there will be times I will only speak to you. You will know those times."

"How will I know?" Seth asked while placing her over his shoulder. The day was too warm to be wearing a cloak, and he had seen others carrying their weapons out in the open.

"When you get strange looks from others, how else?", and she laughed once more.

"Ha..ha. Cute. I think I might leave you here." Seth said joking.

"That is up to you, but I can not protect you sitting in your room. Now can I?"

"True, let's try this. When you wish to talk to me alone, do not phrase anything into a question. Just tell me what you need, be it a warning or whatever. If I have to answer you be sure that others can hear you. OK?"

"That is fair. I will do my best. Now you said that there are others waiting for you down stairs?"

"Oh, that's right. Thank you. I must be off."

Checking to be sure that he locked the door once again, he adjusted Selina and walked down stairs. Finding the group still by the table and Tizzy still trying to empty the jar full of nectar, he smiled and said: "Well, I am about ready to go."

Looking down at Tizzy, then up at the Lady, Seth said: "You better place a lid on that jar. If what Sera said was true, then Tizzy will never be able to empty it. She is going to need a hot bath after this. She's all sticky."

Seth laughed and looked over at Beldon and Cali.

" Do you have everything you need? I am ready to find a few good horses...."

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