Child of the Moon - Tizzy

"Tizzy! To me."

Her hair began to move more erratically in a small area, shifting and rustling as though something other than the wind lived there. Then to the amazement of the others a voice was heard from within it. It was a tiny, slightly high pitched, shimmery, childlike voice, and it sounded irritated. The Lady smiled with amusement as she listened to what the little voice said.

"Always, always stuck! Never unstuck! Stuck! Stuck! Stuck! Stuck! Confounded, infernal hair! Let me go! Give back Tizzy's wing! Now other wing! UUHH! By my Lady's moonbeam! LET ME GO!"

With that a tiny little winged creature fairly blasted herself out from the Lady's hair, zinging straight up to the ceiling at an amazing speed, screeching with glee all the way. She appeared to be somewhat out of control, stopping only just on time to avoid crashing into the ceiling above. She hovered there a brief moment, looking around at the interesting room with it's strange assortment of inhabitants. Then she turned and looked down at her Lady.

She was a wind sprite, a tiny little faery like creature who lives in the woman's hair, often getting tangled up in it due to the hair's constant movement. Her name is Tizzy. Standing only an inch tall, she has hair that is two inches long and the same color as her Lady's. She has a tiny, slightly high pitched, shimmery, childlike voice, tiny wings and is all white, to blend perfectly into her Lady's hair and be hidden. Tizzy is a hand maiden, of sorts, with a small amount of magic of her own. Her main duties to her Lady is to run small errands for her and to watch her back. She likes to grumble and complain a bit, mostly about getting tangled in her Lady's 'confounded hair'. A tendency which greatly amuses her Lady. When she is angry or threatened she can pack a nasty sting that tends to make even the largest creature scream with burning pain. It has something of a slow-working drugging effect as well. Her loyalty to her Lady is immeasurable and unwavering. As long as her Lady lives so will Tizzy as her Lady is Tizzy's life force.

Tizzy is a hyperactive little thing who is always in too much of a hurry for her own good. She has small magics of her own and enjoys using them, although her Lady tends to warn her against using her Big Magic.

She has a slightly limited vocabulary and is unable to use Big Words. The has an adorable way of working around the problem.

The Lady and Tizzy

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