Child of the Moon - The Lady

The door of the Dragon's Inn opened as though on it's own. For a brief moment the doorway stands empty. Then she is there, appearing seemingly out of the air. Her hair flowed long and freely to the floor, moving gently, constantly, as though the gentle breeze lived there. It glowed white, like the purest of oriental silk. Her skin was the color of a moonbeam, almost translucent, and her lips were a soft, pale pink. But it was her eyes that were so transfixing; they were a deep hue of sapphire blue. Huge, fathomless elvin eyes, fringed by incredibly long white lashes; offset by the flowing medieval gown of matching hues of sapphire.

It was impossible to determine her species as she was too tall and ethereal to be human yet not really resembling any other known non-human creatures. She stood for a time in the doorway, motionless, save for the movement of the wind that seemed a part of her. How could one not become aware of her presence? Finally she turned here head gracefully to look at each person who currently inhabited the Dragon's Inn, searching each face as though she could read the story that hid within. As she passed by those along her path to Hugh she gave the impression of having achieved perfect tranquillity and great inner strength. Perhaps she was a creature possessing great magic?

Her voice was like crystal music, flowing from within her. It was soft and small yet commanding attention: A gentle breeze that hinted at great hidden strength. She appeared at first sight to be no threat to any one yet one could not help but sense that, if need be, she could become a dangerous enemy.

The Lady and Tizzy

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