Child of the Moon - Pop Tents and Popcorn


As soon as Seth stepped into the shop he knew that there was something strange about it. At first he was not sure what to make of the small shop. The door opened and he heard a bell, but upon looking up, no bell could be seen. Looking around, he saw all kinds of strange machines running around the floor. At first he thought they were toys. He had seen children pulling small toys behind them with a string. Some would make noise while others would pop little coloured balls in the air.

Reaching down, he started to pick one up when he saw two red eyes light up. Standing back up he took another look at the strange contraption.

"Look! It has eyes. It looks like a cat. But where's the tail?" Seth started to reach back down and the 'toy' came after him. It opened its mouth and Seth saw a small trap with metal teeth sticking out. He jumped back, but the 'cat' came after him again and again, snapping at his feet.

"By the gods what is that thing trying to do?" He jumped once more. Then the cat bit him and it wouldn't let go.

"OW! Hey! Anyone here? Help!" Seth tried to kick it off but it bit down harder.

"What is going on around here? Can't you see that I am busy?" A door appeared from one of the walls and a Dwarf stepped out. Wiping his eyes clear, he looked around and then up at Seth.

"Oh Brother."

Reaching over, the Dwarf grabs a long wooden stick and starts to beat on the 'toy cat', not to mention Seth's foot.

"Hey Watch it! That's my foot!"

"Well if you would hold still long enough for me to hit what I am aiming at, we can both be happy. Now hold _real_still_!

*Smack* "YeLp!!! YeLp!!!"

"Pesky thing. Never goes after what it should go after." The Dwarf placed the stick back where he found it and started to walk back to the door of his office.

But the door was gone.


"Ow! @#$%@# door. Always disappearing on me. I don't know why I even bother to step out of my office."

Looking up at Seth through wire rimmed glasses that were stuck at the tip of his nose, he shook his head. His white hair bobbed from side to side as he spoke.

"Well? What do you want? Did I ask you that already? Are you coming in or going out? I can never get that right. Who are you? Have we meet?"

"No. I don't think so. I am Seth Fye. And you are...?"

"Me? I am Mortok. Can I help you? Find everything you needed? Great!

"Well I..."

"Thank you. Come again."

"Wait a second. You have not helped me yet."

"Oh? Well did you find what you were looking for? Good! Just place the money on the counter and I will say good night."

Seth was getting mad. Taking a deep breath, and letting it out slowly, he tried one more time.

"Look. I need some camping supplies. A tent, some sleeping bags, a few water jugs. And anything else that would help us out. Oh and a lantern. Anything like that here?"

Seth looked around and wondered how anyone found anything.

"How many in your group? Do you want a pop-up or one you have to fight with? You will need rope. Its turning cold out there so you will need the sleeping bags thick. Let me see what I have."

Seth started to answer him when Mortok disappeared behind the counter. He started throwing things around and Seth had no idea there was that much stuff in the shop. All he could see was small hands throwing things on the counter.

A short length of rope. A small box with a short line of string. There was a brass ring tied to the end of the string. A small jug that might hold a glass of water, and a small orb.

"I have six in our group. Not counting a pixie. And horses."

"Six people. Will anyone be sharing a bed?"

"Only the Lady and her Pixie. The rest will have their own. Is that all right?" Seth saw the Dwarf pop his head up and stop.

"That's not up for me to decide. Its the ones in your group that have to decide that."

"No!.. No! I mean will you have enough beds to go around for everyone. Not if you think its ok for them to sleep together."

"Oh? Well why didn't you say so. Then you would only need three beds then? Right?"

"No! I will need six."

"But you just said..."

"Forget what I just said..."

"Ok. Then you don't need any of this stuff. Ok. Thanks and have a good night," and Mortok started putting everything back.

"Nonononono!! I need everything I asked for. Now!"

"Hey. There's no need to shout. I'm not deaf you know. No, I have everything you need. A tent: The pop-up kind. Some rope. A water jug and a lantern. Oh!! That's right. You needed three sleeping bags..."

Seth took in another deep sigh. "I need six bags. Not three. Not four. But SIX sleeping bags. OK?

"Oh sure. I have those. Hold on. They are around here somewhere. Now where did I put them? Over here? Nooo. Here? No? Oh yes. I remember. They're in the tent. That's right. I think?"

Mortok scratched his nose and readjusted his glasses. "Yes. They are in the tent. Nice ones too. They should keep you very warm. They are goose down. Or was it goosed up? I can never remember. Oh well..."

"Wait a second. Are you telling me that all of this is what I asked for? All I see is a box, a short piece of rope, a bottle that wouldn't hold spit, and a small orb.

"Right! That will be five gold. Thank you and come again." Mortok started to turn and go back to his office when Seth reached out and caught him on the shoulder and spun him around.

"Ah!! Good evening, Sir. How can I help you?"

Seth bows his head and takes yet another deep breath.

"What is this?" And he picks up the small orb.

"Its a lantern. Watch!" Mortok picks it up and it starts glowing. Then he lets go.

"Watch it...!" Seth yells out and reaches out to catch it, but it doesn't fall.

"What? Watch what? I don't see anything?" Mortok spun around and the orb followed him.

"Never mind. Now what's this?" And he holds up the rope.

"Why its a piece of rope. Where you been boy? Ain't you ever seen a piece of rope before?"

"I mean its so short. You couldn't tie up anything with this."

"Ooh!! Well that's why your standing in a spell shop boy. Everything is not as it appears."

Taking the rope, Mortok started pulling on it. As he did so, it started to grow in length.

"Now if you cut it, you can have two pieces of rope. If its too long, you can do this," and he made the rope shorter by pushing it together.

"Now if you want it stronger... *Giggle* you will have to buy a stronger rope! *Cackle* I get them every time with that one!" And Mortok slaps his knees.

"Ok that's good, but what about the water jug. It couldn't hold spit, let alone enough water for six."

"Ah, you are wrong there. This is a special jug. Your little friend can tell you about that. It's a Pixie jug. What ever you put into it will never go away, unless you leave the lid off over night. You can fill a river or make one anyway. Once you fill it up, it will never go empty."

"Ok. Its the same thing as Sera's nectar jars. I can figure that one out. Now what about this little box with the string and brass ring. Now I bet your going to tell me that this is the tent. Right?"

"Oh? You have had one of these before? Good. Then I don't need to explain to you how to open it and close it."

"No. I never had one before. It was a guess. Now I am guessing that you pull this ring and..."



Seth placed the small box in his hand and pulled the brass ring. He heard Mortok yelling but it was too late. The tent deployed and threw Mortok against the wall of the shop. Seth was pressed against the shop's window. He looked like a bug that had hit a windshield. Yelling out from the side of his mouth, he called out to Mortok.

"Huw Du I clotyh ih thinght?"

"Puu ta wing! Puutawing!!"


"TaWing ta wing!Puutawingstupth!"



Seth stuck to the glass and then slid down slowly. Mortok just fell.

"Oh man. What a rush. Why didn't you tell me not to pull the ring?"

Seth slowly stood up and reached for the ring once more.






Seth slipped back down from the window once more. Mortok just fell from the wall. Again.

"Oh. I won't do that again. Why didn't you tell me not to touch the ring?"

"I tried to! I thought you said you had one of those? I bet your fun at parties. 'Hey look what I can do!!'"


"Ya right. A whole wagon load of laughs."


"Well it was the first time. But not the second time. Did you see where that pole was sticking. Another inch or two and I would be a munchkin. Now you pick it up by the sides. Not the RING!"

"Well. It looked big enough for everyone." Seth started to laugh. "I can't wait to show the others this trick."

"Lucky them. I bet you're a riot. Now is there anything else?"

"No. I think that should do it. Now where did that orb go?"

Mortok blushed and turned away. Reaching into his pants, he pulls out the orb.

"Must have gotten stuck when you opened the tent. Here. I will get a clean one."

"Yes please do."

'Strange little man you have found there. Did you notice that we are no longer near the Inn?'

"What do you mean no longer near the Inn. Where are we?" Seth looked out the window and noticed that he shop had moved.

"Strange shop."

'Matches the little man. I have noticed that everything in here is magical. Even that strange looking thing over there,' Selina showed Seth a strange looking machine. A small sign read:

"Popcorn Popper: Open lid, Pour corn in. Close lid. Light fuse"

"Wonder what it does? Think the others would like this?"

'I am not sure. What is popcorn?'

"Got me, but it sure looks cute. Let's get it and surprise the others. There is some corn in a bag beside it. We will take it and the bag of fuses."

'It is cute.'

The 'cute popcorn popper' was nothing more than a small cannon. With a lid! It was shaped like a hourglass and had a pair of small wagon wheels under it. The opening flowed outwards and a lid that was hinged at the top. It looked dangerous, and like all things from the shop:

It was!

"We will take this with us as well." Seth picked up the 'popper' and placed it in his bag along with everything else. He took special care when he placed the tent into his bag. He made sure that the brass ring was no where near his hand.

"Ok that will be three silver."

Three silver? But you said...!"

"Boy. When I set a price, I don't go down. Two silver or put everything back." Mortok drew himself up to his three foot four inch height and glared at Seth through his glasses.

"Well? What's it going to be? Two copper or give it all back?"

"Two copper? But...?" Then Seth shook his head. "Ok. Ok. Two copper. Hold on."

Mortok turned and walked behind the counter and jumped up on a small stool that was hidden from view. He turned and smiled.

"Well hello there. Welcome to the Misguided Spell Shop. How can I help you?"

"Well... I... Oh never mind. I was just looking around. Oh here! You must have dropped these."

Seth placed four gold coins on the counter and turned and started to walk away.

"Well thanks, Stranger. Your an honest soul. Come back anytime. Have a good night."

Seth heard the bell ring once again as he walked out into the night air. The temperature had dropped and he could see his breath. Turning, he looked and noticed that the shop was gone.

"What the...?"

'Well now we know why it's called the Misguided spell shop,' Selena laughed and then pointed out that they were by the stables.

"Well I'll be! Do you think it was just a dream Selina?"

'I would hope not! The look on your face when the tent popped out was priceless. Both times!'

"I can't wait to show the others. And that thing that's called a popcorn popper. That should be fun to see how it works. I can't wait to show it to Beldon and Cali. They are going to get a bang out of it."

How those words would soon ring true.

"Lets go see how the horses are holding up. I need to talk to the Black and make sure the others are well."

Walking over to the stables Seth notices that someone was working into the night. The ringing of a hammer against steel could be heard coming from the blacksmith shop.

:: Hello young one. how are you? And what brings you here on this night?:: The black unicorn was standing by the coral and she was watching the blacksmith working.

"Good evening. I am well my friend. I see a few of the others have left us. Do we still have enough to carry us to our quest?" Seth looked over and only counted two horses. Counting the Black.

:: Yes. There will be more than enough here when the time comes for you to call us. Your friend called Beldon has been working in there for some time now. He is making shoes for the others::

Seth heard her laugh and he asked " And you think that is funny? Why? Beldon is a good blacksmith from what I have been told. So why are you laughing?"

:: Ah young one. You would not understand::

"Oh? Try me!" Seth said with a laugh.

:: You must remember. We are not as we appear. We are Unicorns so we do not need shoes. Or I should say we do not like them. But your friend has made up his mind about this. He is going to try to shoe us all. I will not put up a fight, but I can not say what the others will do::

" He is only trying to help. He means no harm or disrespect." Seth reached up and started rubbing the blacks nose.

:: Yes. I know that. He is a good man with a kind heart. But the others see it as him trying to control them. They are young, and still can not understand the ways of humans and elven kind. They see no reason for the shoes. Their hoofs are made of gold but their magic makes them strong. Your friend called Beldon will have his hands full this night::

"Please try to explain to the others that he means no harm. The shoes are made to make you run faster. Nothing more. When we have finished our quest , I am sure that he will take them off."

The black laughs once more. :: He has never seen a Unicorn run before, has he? The shoes might help a little, but with our hearts we will make the journey a safe one. If anyone finds themselves in trouble while riding us, we can port them away safely. But only for a short distance. They will be safe in our care so long as they sit upon us::

"Yes, I have seen you port before. When I was younger." Seth brought up an apple that laid in a bag beside the fence. He held it up for the black to eat.

:: Thank you young one. The one called Drew found it easy to break us. I think the shock is still with him. Now you must tell the other in your party that no one here has a name that they would be able to pronounce. So if they wish they can give us a name. The young ones will answer to them using their mind speech. They can speak out loud if they do not have the power to use the speech. We can offer it to the ones that wish to use it, but once we are gone, the powers will go with us::

The black bit into the apple and then looked over at the smiths fire. ::When the time comes, I will be the first to receive the shoes that your friend Beldon has made for us. The other might see that he is not trying to trap us or enslave us. But I can not say they will not fight him. He will have his hands full no matter what the outcome::

" Try and make sure that Beldon is not harmed. We do need him. Oh. Something else. Do you know if Drew said anything about saddles and tack? We mentioned it before, but we gave him such short notice. We are leaving in the morning. Do you think Beldon will be able to shoe you in that time.

:: I will do what I can. I am sure it will take most of the night to shoe everyone, and I will try to keep the others from harming him.::

They heard the hammer stop and the Black turned and looked.

::It seems that he is finished with the first set of shoes. Check in the stable over there. I believe that the one called Drew has you necessary things set up for us in there:: She pointed her nose towards the stables. Seth could see a small light and the door was open.

" Remember! Try not to harm Beldon. And please...Watch the others."

:: I will do my best young one:: The black turned and slowly walked towards the shop. Seth heard her say to the others :: I will be first. Then the other will follow. Do not harm the one called Beldon. He is a friend of the young one:: Seth heard the other, but did not catch what they were saying. He could tell that they were not happy about the shoes though.

Walking up and into the stables , Seth whistled. "Would you look at these saddles. They are beautiful." Reaching down, he touched one and felt the workmanship that it took to make it. "This one is so soft. Look! Drew has found one for the same colour as the horses. Here is a black one , an one for the grey spotted mare. But I don't see the one for the grey stallion. Do you think Drew might have forgotten?"

::Seth! Look under the tarp. The one near the back." Selina made the tarp glow to point out which one she was referring too.

"This one?" Seth pulled the tarp back and then dropped it. "By the Fye gods. Its more beautiful than the others. The Lady will love this. Look! It has matching tack as well as a blanket. Yes, I think she will find this most comfortable. [Rose. Can you add a description of the saddle here?

"Do you think she will ride like Amarantha?"

:: With her gown and her hair being so long, I would imagine she would ride side saddle. The saddle is built for ether way. But I suspect she will be riding side saddle ::

"Side saddle? What do you mean?" Seth scratched his head an tried to picture the lady riding the saddle. He could only picture her hanging from the side of the saddle. Selina laughed at that thought.

::No silly. She would be riding sitting up, but both of her legs would be hanging from one side. Like setting sideways in a chair ::

Oh...OH!! I see. But wouldn't that be a bit dangerous? I mean she could fall and hurt herself. Couldn't she?" Seth jumped up and sat sideways in the saddle. Then he slid off and fell, hitting his head on the way down.

"Ow! See what I mean. If she was riding that way, she would fall." Seth rubbed the back of his head and looked up. The sun was just starting to show a new dawn.

:: I am sure the Lady has a way of staying on a saddle. Sideways or the normal way. Trust me. She will be fine. Now the morning breaks, and we must get back to the inn. The others will be there soon.::

"What about Beldon? Do you think we should help him?"

::No. I think he has everything in order. I am sure once he is finished, he will meet us back at the Inn ::

Blowing out the lantern, Seth steps out of the stables and looks up. "Its going to be a nice day. I think the weather will stay warm for a few more weeks. I feels like summer once again." Seth took in a deep breath and headed back to the inn. his stomach growled in protest for not eating the night before.

"Let see what Hugh has for breakfast. Shall we?" Looking back, Seth laughed. "Poor Beldon. He sure has his hands full with those Unicorn. I hope all goes well."

:: As do I Seth fye. As do I:: Selina laughed and added :: But he can take care of himself. He may look and act clumsy, but he will show everyone how well he can control himself during troubled times. His luck with hold out::

"Yes, he will need all the luck in the world to shoe those creatures." Seth walked on, talking to Selina until they found themselves back at the Inn.

"There's the Major, but I don't see anyone else. They must be sleeping in. He looks tired. I bet he stayed be the lady's door all night. He had mentioned that there were others looking to cause harm to him and any lady. Lets not bother him. Let him rest. I am going to order some breakfast. Then we can go over to the table and greet him."

::Yes. Let him rest. The time will come to say hello later. Lets order breakfast and then gather up your belonging from the room. You have much to show the others this day. But I would wait until we camped . I would hate for you to cause harm if you opened the tent in here:: Selina giggled at the thought of Seth showing everyone the tent.

:: Someone would be bound to ask about the brass ring and reach out and touch it. It would be hard to explain to Hugh why there was a tent set up inside the Inn::

"Yes. I think your right. We will wait until we camp. Then I can show everyone what I found. I cant wait to show everyone the popcorn popper. I wonder if anyone knows what popcorn is?"

:: We can ask them later::

"True. Lets order breakfast and then head to the room. I will get my cloak and wash up. When we come down we can greet the Major. That will give him some time alone."

Seth walked up and told Hugh what he wanted for breakfast. Then he bounded up the stairs and headed to his room. Passing a door, he could not help but to hear someone talking to themselves. A woman's voice.

" I have heard stranger things I guess". He entered his room and closed the door.

:: Your cloak is there. By the bed. Fresh water in in the pitcher and warm towels are beside it. Wash up and we will go back down.::

Seth placed Selina on the bed and went about washing as much dirt off as he could. Once he finished , he dressed and folding his cloak, he stuffs it in his back pack.

:: Watch the tent ring. We wouldn't want it to deploy in here now would we?::

"I am watching it. I should have asked Mortok for one that wasn't so touchy." Seth laughs and places his back pack back on his shoulder. Picking up Selina, he heads back down stairs.

" It looks like the Major has found a friend. She sure is beautiful. Lets get our breakfast and then sneak over to the table. Hey! Look. She has a Owl on her shoulder. He looks like he's mad."

:: The owl is a she Seth. And she is no ordinary Owl. She has mind speech and is magical. She is a spotted snow owl. And she is sentinel as well.::

"Spotted? She has no spots." Seth walked and sat down when the breakfast was served. He snuck in behind the lady while she was busy chatting with the Major.

~ She is Elven kind. But I have never seen one with red hair before. Most Elven kind have dark hair.~

:: Yes but there are some that are blonde or light headed as well. She is part human. I suspect her hair came from her mother.::

Seth sat there and listened to the young red headed elf talk to the Major. He could not help but laugh when the lady came down and pulled the owl away from the Majors cheek. He missed that part. He had no idea that an Owl could blush like she did.

Cali soon walked up, and Beldon soon followed suit. Seth had his mouth full and motioned with a fork as if to say 'hello'. He was in shock when the lady called Rose Thorn ran a fingernail around Cali's cheek and chin.

~ Brave Lass~ He thought.

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