Child of the Moon - Compensation and Fate

[the Major]

After his latest foot-in-mouth venture with the Lady, the Major climbs the stairs heavily, vowing he will at least do one worthwhile thing tonight. If Seth is to be his aide-de-camp, he must have a commission... Opening the door to his room with his shoulder, the Major decides to do what good he may.

The Major, with the crisp professionalism that is so deeply ingrained in him, sets a piece of parchment on the small desk near his bed. Dipping his pen in the black ink, he sets to writing in his neat, flowing script.

                 Par Ordre Spécial de Majuer Ashbury Cooper
                                          - Laissé il soit Su -
Comme  commandant du deuxième Régiment du Cheval de la Lumière de Sa
Majesté Avec le consentement de sa Majesté Catherine VI Dame du
Southland Par ceci Confère Sur   Seth Fye Le rang de Drapeau du 2e
Cheval de la Lumière Dieu Salve la Reine -

                                         -Dieu Salve la Reine-

[OOC Rough Translation]

                    By Special Order of Major Ashbury Cooper
                                      Let It Be Known
    As Commander of the 2nd Light Horse Regiment, Army of Her Majesty
                    With the consent of Her Majesty Catherine VI
                                     Lady of the Southland
                                 Seth Fye is hereby entrusted
                                       with the rank of Ensign
                                       of the 2nd Light Horse

                                        God Save the Queen


Walking up the stairs that lead to his room , he felt something touch his cheek. At first he thought it was only one of his tears, but when he reached up and touched his cheek he found a small gem.

"What the.."

"It is a gift from The Lady Seth. Do not worry. It will not harm you. She has only placed one of her tears with yours. It was the least she could do after hearing your feelings."

"Yes. The feelings that you told everyone about. You know I was about to say something to that affect. But..."

"But you could not face them if they felt differently about you. Am I correct?"

"Yes, as always you are correct. Some times I wish you wasn't so correct at times. At least I cut you off before you said anything about Amarantha. I don't know if the timing is right. I mean... Well I am not sure what I mean. Everything is so confusing right now."

Seth found his room the same way he had left it. The bed was made and a fresh pitcher of water was placed on the stand. Seth placed the bow next to the bed and sat down in the edge. With a deep breath he laid down and placed his hands behind his head. He looked up at the ceiling and started counting the tiny dots. After losing count for the fourth time he looked over at Selina.

"What am I going to do? I mean now that they know my true feelings how can I face them again? What if they think I am some kind of fool? A kid searching for a lost family. I should have said something before this."

"Would you have changed anything that I said?"

"No. Probably not. But I would not have been as sappy. No pun intended." Seth sat up in bed then got up and looked outside. He checked the grounds to be sure that The Lady was not dancing again. Looking up at the stars, he took in a deep sigh once more and turning , he walked over and picked up Selina.

"None taken. Where are we going?" Selina`s voice sounded worried.

"Home!" Seth left his back pack down stairs along with his robe. He didn't care. "I will work my way back home. "I got this far with out it, I can get back."

"What about the others? Do you not care that The Lady will not be able to find the child without your help?"

" Yes I care. They have the maps. And now they have the horses . It should not be to hard for them to find the child. What more do they need?" Seth placed Selina across his shoulder and took a step out the window.

"Seth? Why are you doing this?"

"Why? You are asking me why? I thought you knew everything. I guess I was wrong."

He dropped down onto the lawn slow and smooth and looked up. The feather that The Lady had given him was working well. The moon and stars were full and bright. " At least I should be able to find my way home now. The stars will lead me."

Selina was silent as they walked through town. It was quiet . Very few people were walking around. The Market day was nearing its close. They would stay a while longer, then pack up and head to the next town.


"Yes Selina? What is it?" He adjusted her so that she could see behind him. "Is there something wrong?"

"No. Everything is well. But you never answered me. Why are you leaving? Are you afraid that the others feel the same way about you? Why do you think The lady gave you the gem?"

"I am not sure how the others feel about me. If you remember right, I left the table before anyone had the chance to say anything. As I said before, I bet they think me a fool. Even Amarantha. I bet she thinks me a bigger fool after I shut you up. As for the gem. Pity perhaps. I am not sure. "

"You may be surprised. The lady Gave you her tear for some reason. I am sure it was not out of pity."

Seth reached up and touched the gem on his cheek. For some reason his mind fell back to his real mother. The way she would comfort him when he was hurt, the time he was stun by the bee. He even remembered her face. Then there was the small Fye that took care of him. He remembered the look she had when he was small, and they were headed home. The look she had on her face when she came back from his old home. The look of sadness.

Tears fell once more and they flowed into the gem and he felt better. For the third time in his life, he felt wanted. He didn't feel alone anymore. He felt like he belonged.

The others. They felt like a family. As close to a family as he felt to get close enough too. They all heard how he felt about them, yet he turned his back and walked away before anyone could say how they felt about him. He was being foolish.Or was he? The emotions he felt were strange to him. He had to have time to think.


With a quiet voice, Seth answered her. "Yes Selina?"

"If we are going home we better get started. It is a long way home. This season is about over. Harvest time has come and gone. The leaves are starting to fall and the trees are starting to go into their slumber. The winds will start blowing from the north, and it will bring a chill to your bones. The snow will start to fall soon, and get cold. If we are to go, we best start out now."

Seth turned and looked back at the Inn. He could still see the others as they sat beside the fire. Cali was standing away from the others like he always did sipping on his drink. The Major was sitting there, as stiff and proper as always, with his pipe in his hands. Beldon was drinking for his glass, and almost spilling it all over him. But his luck held out, as always and he didn't spill a drop. The Lady and Tizzy were talking about what she saw at the Market. And Amarantha. She was standing there by the fireplace, studying the bottle that Tizzy brought her. The fires light threw up shadows and danced around her. The glow from the fire made her more beautiful than he could ever imagine.

Seth looked down and asked "Do you think they would miss me? I mean should I go back and say good bye?" He was speaking to the wind and the trees. He was hoping they could give him the answers he was looking for. But all they did was stay silent. The wind did not blow, nor did the trees answer his prayers. Even Selina was quiet.

He turned away from the inn and stood there in the Middle of the street. A few walked by, wondering why a grown Elf was talking to himself and crying. He didn't hear the door to the Inn open and feel a hand that was placed on his shoulder. He didnt hear the words being spoken to him.

All he felt was the pain. The pain he felt when he lost his parents.. All he heard was the Small Fye asking if he would like to go home with her. He felt alone.....

[The Major]

The Major's eyes clouded a bit as he reflected on what he had learned about Seth. It was rather heady information, but in an odd way he felt bound to the young man in a familiar way. Selina had, in a sense, only confirmed what the Major had already felt. A sense of fatherly duty had already emerged within the veteran soldier, and it was that sense that made him leave the Inn to walk with his thoughts.

The cold air and the smell of fires burning bit the Major deeply as he stepped out into the night. As he began to pace down the street in his usual martial fashion, he spotted, with eyes used to searching for the Achilles Heel of the Queen's enemies, Seth, gazing into the night quietly.

Unable to find voice at first, the imposing figure of the soldier moved silently closer to the younger man.



Seth stood there, lost in his own thoughts and feeling. The emotions that were rising up in his mind and his heart were almost too much to bear. He tried to breathe the night air but something was holding it back from him. Tears fell and some faded into the gem. For one reason or another , he turned and saw a boot staring back at him. A strong hand was on his shoulder, and he looked up.

It was the Major.

"Oh? Hello Sir. Sorry. I didn't know you were there. I thought I would go out and take in a bit of night air. After all that's been said tonight, I thought it best." Then he dropped his head back down.

For the first time in his life, he lied about something. A bitter taste came up to his mouth and he bit down and tried to swallow it back to the depths from where it came from. Wiping tears from his face with the back of his hand, he looked back up and into the Majors eyes. The steel gaze he received made him stand up straighter and he placed a serious look upon his face.

"No! That was wrong of me to say. I was not out catching a breath of air. I was headed home. I don't know why, but it felt like it was the only place I could escape to. To think." Seth shook his head and continued.

"Please forgive Selina. She sometimes says things without thinking. Well that's not true ether. She says things that I cannot say. Things that I feel deep inside my soul. Things that need to be said, but I can not find the courage to bring them up to the surface so that I can speak them. Being raised by the Fye, it has made things difficult for me to express emotions. The only emotions the Fye ever showed was joy and laughter. They are like children. No one ever died, or fell sick or grew old. Their life is like one big party. It was ok for them. But not for me. That is why the Old Oak sent me out into this world. To find myself. To find a family."

Seth pulled Selena from his shoulder and placed her in front of him.

"I am no Fye though I was raised like one until my seventeenth summer. That is when I received Selina and stepped into this new world. She has been my only friend since I left the forest of the Fye. Until now, I never even thought about having a father or mother or brothers or sisters. Even lovers. But now its like a flood gate has opened and I find myself drowning in my own emotions."

Seth studied the Major before he went on. He was sure that the Major had heard similar stories.

"I am sure in your life time that you have heard stories like this, from younger men than I. In the heat of battle, I heard that people like to open up. Its like they open their souls to strangers. It is like they want to tell their story to someone. So that if they die, they could still live on in the stories that were being told over the camp fires or at the inns."

Seth became quiet and he looked back down and spun Selina around and around on the palm of his hand. When he spoke, it was a soft voice. One that might be called a whisper, or a prayer.

"That is what I want if I do die. I want my life to go on, in the stories and tales being told around the camp fires and the Inns. I want my memories here on this earth to be told by everyone. But most of all I want someone to remember my name. Not a name that has been carved in stone. A name that would be on everyone's lips. About the deed or deeds I have done. But most of all, I want a family. A mother and a father that would be proud of me. Brothers that would tell my stories with pride and honor. A Wife, so that my name would go on forever."

Seth stopped spinning Selina and looked up. "Do you think me a fool for asking these things Major? Am I a fool to want this? Was I a fool for letting Selina tell everyone how I feel? Should I have waited for the others to speak? Should I have stopped her before she said something to the goddess?"

He studied the Majors reactions to all the questions. "Forgive me Major. I have tendencies of rambling on some times. I guess these questions can only be answered if I go back in and sit down at the table and wait to hear what the others have to say. I might not like what I hear, but at least I will know."

"Major. I ask you. How do you feel about what Selina said? About you being a father figure? Do you have a family of your own? A wife? Any children?" With a bit of laughter in his voice, Seth asks, "Have you ever thought of adopting a rather large and bumbling Fye?"

For the first time after Selina told everyone how he felt about them, he found himself smiling. A warm feeling comes over him when he feels the Major's hand on his shoulder. A feeling of belonging once again.

"Let us go back to the Inn and have a glass of milk . My treat. I wish to hear a little more about you. If your going to be my new father I would like to know if you have a real name. I can not address you as 'The Major' all the time." And he added, "And I know calling you 'Dad' is out of the question. Isn't it?"................

[the Major]

Major Ashbury Cooper had the unusual ability, often present in commanders, to show no emotion in his face and yet somehow project a feeling of warmth and friendship. His pipe clasped between his lips, he studies the young man intently, with eyes that pierce through the night and capture his very humanity. He studies Seth throughout the younger man's speech, allowing him to empty himself of all questions and doubts. Then, as a commander, he responds openly and honestly. When he speaks, it is slowly and deliberately, words running together in a stream of honest expression.

"There is no one in this party I trust more." Major says firmly, as if daring someone to contest it. "Check your apology; there is no need."

Smiling a little in the cold night air, the Major continues, "I understand that stepping into the world can be a bit bewildering... remember your prayer... He has never forsaken any true man..."

"I'm afraid I've no wife any longer, nor any children. The ladies, you know, are not fond of making husbands of soldiers..." The deep eyes of the Major focus on Seth momentarily.

"What I am looking for, my good lad, is an aide-de-camp. Are you at all interested?" Instead of waiting for a response, the Major begins to accompany Seth back to the Inn.

"You're a good man, Seth. Stay that way."


Seth stopped at the door when the Major asked if he would like to be an Aide-de-camp.

'Sir, if that means that I would be your son, then I would be more than honored." Not knowing what 'Aide-de-camp meant, he figured that he was now being adopted by the Major. 'If not, it's close enough for me,' he thought.

"Thank you sir. You're a good man as well. A better man than I at this moment." He looked down at the handle of the door and then back up at the Major. "Sir! It will be a great honor to stand beside you to until the end. May it come soon and without harm to any of us. This includes the Child."

Seth followed the Major back to the table and sat down in the same chair that he had left from. They were all still there. Cali, Beldon, the Lady, Amarantha, and the Major. Tizzy was gone. Seth expected her to be asleep in The Lady's hair. She did have a long day after all.

He looked down and stayed quiet. Sera brought him a fresh drink and he took the glass and tried to hide behind it.

He didn't have much luck.

'So much for that idea,' he thought.

He waited for someone to say something, anything. All eyes were upon him. Even the Major's. Seth noticed for the first time that the Major's eyes were not as hard as they were before. They looked like the eyes of a friend. Or that of a father's. He didn't have the courage to look up at the rest.

He was afraid at what he might see......


Tizzy came out of the Living Hair as soon as Seth returned to the table.

"No no no! Tizzy has no time for playing games with Hair now! Tizzy is upset. Tizzy has to talk to Fye Boy. Let Tizzy go!" She popped out of the hair and landed on the table directly in front of Seth.

"Fye Boy? Is Fye Boy deciding to stay with my Lady?" Her voice was soft and small and there was a hint of fear and uncertainty.

"Tizzy would miss Fye Boy. Fye Boy reminds Tizzy of her home. Fye Boy smells and thinks like sprite thinks. Fye Boy smells good to! Fye Boy smells like the forest." She floated up to look him straight in the eyes, her own filled with a look of pleading.

"Fye Boy Seth? Please stay?"


Seth watched Tizzy from the glass that he was trying to hide behind and saw how upset he had made her. That was one thing he had never thought about. How his leaving would affect the others.

" No Tizzy. I am not planing on leaving the Lady or the rest of the group. I was having thoughts and needed a little time to myself to think a few things over. Anyway, if I left, I would miss out on all the things that you have found at the market. So many baskets of fruit and breads. Yet your little bag still looks full. What else have you hidden in your bag that you have yet to show us Tizzy?"

Seth smiled down at the little sprite. He could see the worry on her face disappear and this made him smile.

"I heard you tell the Lady that you saw and talked to an Angel. That must have been something." Seth remembered seeing a strange young lass with wings over by the stairwell , but looking up he noticed that she was now gone.

~ Could it have been the same young lass that Tizzy saw. She did indeed have wings, but they looked like they were bandaged or bound so she was unable to fly. I will have to ask her later about this Angel.~ Seth thought.

Then he looked up at Amarantha and smiled.


Tizzy looked up at Seth with a strange, indescribable expression on her face. "Tizzy has private things in bag. Did Fye Boy not listen when Fye teach it is rude to ask girl what hides in private bag! Sheesh! Good thing Tizzy likes Fye Boy or Tizzy would have to teach him manners lesson! Now Fye Boy knows.


The young goddess didn't need to hear the rest of what Selena was going to say before Seth cut the bow off. Seth's reaction said it all, and she didn't even need to see the crimson hint around him to guess. (But she peeked at his aura anyway, just out of curiosity and because she could.)

This was indeed a problem , one that clearly she couldn't discuss with him at the table. Realizing that she still had to pay for Elite's lodging and get the book and bottle off his saddle, she stood up.

"Look you guys, I've gotta go see to Elite, he's got a few things of mine hanging off his saddle that I'd rather not lose. I'll be back soon." She approached Seth, "You I'll talk to later, there are some things best not discussed in the company of others."

She left the table and headed out of the Inn, and into the neighbouring stables. Elite was in the end one. A stately stable that the stablehand was currently nervously cleaning around. One hand was bandaged and he was limping.

'No points for guessing how that happened,' she thought, a slight smile on her face. Outside the stables rested the stallions sumptuous tack, at least he had managed to get the saddle and bridle off, and still be in one piece. Elite was never one for making his maintenance or upkeep easy.

"Having a little trouble with Elite?" she asks.

"Yes. Hasn't anyone ever bothered to train him?" the stable hand asks.

"Huh. Fat chance. He isn't your average horse."

"You're telling me! He came in here, gave me the message, then kicked the horse out of that stable and moved in. Then every single time I went near him..."

Amarantha burst out laughing. "....he'd beat you up. Good one Elite!" she said in between bursts of laughter.

*Well, he was going to put me next to that smelly old donkey over there. In that disgusting old stall,* came Elite's indignant comment. Amarantha only laughed harder. After settling down, she looked at the now unsettled stablehand. It would have been bad enough that a horse had beaten him up, but the owner laughing about it.

"I tend to think a little compensation is in order. His board, plus something for you. If you will wait a bit, I'll just go get a few things." In a quick flash of light, she had vanished. The stablehand blinked and looked around the room. He was a simple man, who was now used to dealing with all sorts of animals. There was another flash of light and Amarantha reappeared, carrying few jewels.

"Okay, I suspect that this emerald should be enough to cover Elite's boarding in that stable, which I suspect would be expensive. Am I right?" She held out the emerald to the stable hand. A large flawless emerald cut stone.

The stablehands eyes widened. "Of-of-course. And would the horse prefer lucerne or oats.?"

*Tell him, I want lucerne with chopped up carrots and apples. And fresh water too. This stuffs got bugs in it* She relayed Elite's message on. The stablehand paled. *If he cleans this water and does as he's told, I won't bother him... at least not until he's out of the stable, then I'm nipping him on the but. He won't able to sit down then,* Elite sent.

"Oh I'm sure he'll leave you alone, just keep him happy and stay out of his way and you'll do fine. Now your compensation."

She opened her palm to reveal a cloak clasp in the shape of two vine leaves. In this were clusters of rare green garnets.

"You do have a cloak I assume," she said coolly.

The stablehand stared in amazement. "This... this is too much Lady!"

"Of course its not. Elite's not the most manageable of animals, and you would need some sort of reward for having done such a good job with him. If he was like that with me, I would have just left him."

She then inspected the saddle. Much to her relief the bottle and magic book where still there. She unclasped them, and hooked the bottle at her belt.

*Well, gotta return to the Inn. See ya in the morning stupid,* she sent as a passing shot at Elite

*HEY!!* she heard sent as she left.


While sitting at the table and smiling up at Amarantha, he was surprised when he heard her say that she needed to go and gather up a few things from Elite's saddle. He started to ask if she would like a little company when she gave him a hard look.

"You I'll talk to later. There are some things best not discussed in the company of others."

Then she stepped out before Seth could open his mouth. He heard a few snickers and looked around the table.

"What did I do to her?" Then he remembered that he had cut Selina off before she could say anything. He saw the look on the Major's face. It said, "Go after her." Or he might have read it wrong. It might have read, "Poor Fool."

"Oh boy. I better go and straighten this out before more feelings are hurt. Please excuse me." Placing a hand on the Major's shoulder, he said "By your leave, Sir." Downing his drink and placing Selina on his shoulder, he looks over at Beldon and Cali.

"We will talk later, if that's all right with the both of you?" Then before he stepped out, he called back, " Brothers!" He smiled and laughed.

Walking out of the Inn he found the night air crisp and clean. A small breeze was starting to blow and it told him that it would start to turn cold soon.

"I should have brought my cloak. I hope the others have packed a few winter clothes. Its going to turn cold on us before we find the Child. Selina? Remind me to get a few things before we go tomorrow. I think we will find the going rough as time goes on."

"Do you think we should gather up a few skins and a tent for the group? It might cut the air at night. You know there will be times that the others will need more than they have. I will make up a list, and get back with you. We have a long journey ahead of us. Let us hope that we find the Child and soon."

"Thank you Selina. Anything that you think we will need add it to your list. I will try and think of a few things as well. The tent would be a good idea for the ladies. I am not sure if the Goddess or the Lady has ever been through a snow storm. I would feel guilty if I could not help them."

"You will do well Seth Fye. You know the forests and the trees will help all they can. I will help as well. If we find that we need food, I will not hesitate to kill the game in order to feed the group."

"I hope it not the old ones anymore. They are like trying to eat the soul of my boots." Selina did not say anything after that, but Seth had a feeling, that what ever it took, she would take care of him and the others.

Looking up at the stars , he almost bumped in Amarantha.

"Oh. I am sorry Amarantha. I guess I was to busy looking up at the stars to see you standing there." Seth blushed and felt his skin start to burn.

"You said that you wanted to talk to me. Alone. Do you mind if we head back to the stables? I need to check on the horses for tomorrow. I want to make sure that everything is well with them."

Seth wanted to say how sorry he was for cutting Selina off before she had the chance to tell her how he felt about her. But some how the words would not come out. Not the way he wanted them to.

I... I... wanted to say how sorry I am for how Selina behaved tonight. I mean... About what she said... I mean about what she was going to say, before I..." He stopped talking and turned and looked at Amarantha.

" I am sorry. I guess I don't know what I mean. I am finding new emotions that I have never felt before. They are all so overwhelming. I have never felt like this since I left the Fye. Everyone has been so nice to me, and so warm hearted. The Lady, the Major, Beldon and Cali. They have all been more than friendly towards me." Seth looked down and then back up suddenly.

'Oh, please forgive me. I did not mean to leave you out of this. I mean no disrespect. You have been very nice to me as well. I find you... funny. I mean...." and the look he got from Amarantha was not the look he was looking for.

Looking down and kicking a few rocks , Seth took in a deep breath and looked back up.

" Please... Forgive me. I don't mean that your funny. I mean.."

"Seth means that you are fun to be around. You remind him of the small Fye that found him in the woods when he was quite small. He has always looked out after her, making sure that she would stay out of trouble. But she always found ways to get into trouble. Getting caught in spider webs, being chased by crows, and one time losing her way after a storm came up. Seth searched for days until he found her. She was sick and her wings were damaged. He did all he could for her and healed her with what he was taught by the Fye. If you remember right, your mother had Fye and Sprites. You know how childish they can be at times. Seth thinks of you as someone that needs protecting. From yourself as well as others. There are a number of things he can teach you if you are willing to learn." She sent out to Amarantha and blocked Seth from hearing the rest.

"I saw you look at his aura so you know he cares about you. But not in the way you think. Yes, he has fallen in love with you, but not in the sense of the word. He feels compelled to care for you and to watch out for you like he did the small Fye." Her eyes glowed and she cast a her glow over Amarantha.

"He sees you not as a goddess, but as a lost child. In a way, you are just that. You have not yet found your true powers of being a goddess and you are still learning. The book that you carry shows me that. Not to mention the small bottle that you carry, that's hidden from my view. Yes, I know what powers it holds. I also know that the lady has touched it and I know what it means.

Please... Go easy on Seth. He is new to all this. Let him worry about you as he did the other Fye. He will be like a mother hen for a time, but once he sees that he is no longer needed he will go on. He can help you with your studies as well. You both may learn something. He will learn that not all beings need to be cared for and watched over and you will see how a mortal sees and feels things. Believe it or not, but not everyone thinks of you as a goddess. Some think of you as a spoiled brat." Selina laughed and then went on.

"No one from our group, mind you, but others that have passed by. They can not see the true you that will someday bloom into a goddess with a true and caring heart. You will be able to tell them that you walked a few miles in their shoes and not on their shoulders."

Seth felt like he was being left out. Selina and Amarantha had both become very quiet.

"What are you two talking about behind my back? Both of you have gotten very quiet. Should I be worried?" Seth touched Selina string and ran his fingers up and down them.

Selina laughed out loud and said, "Yes, you should be worried any time we get together. And we do not always talk about you. There is the Major you know. Not to mention Cali and Beldon. All are fine men, as well as someone to talk about. So quit getting a big head."

"Ok. So I am guessing that Selina has told you that I have some feelings towards you. Though I have no idea what they are, I am willing to stick around and find out. Now it's getting late and I think you need to go back to the Inn. It's not safe out here by yourself. I will take you back to the Inn and then I need to go and gather up a few things for the trip."

Seth held out his arm and added, "And I will not take 'NO' for an answer. You are not going out without one of us to watch over you. Goddess or not, you are still a very beautiful young lady, and there are others that might find you desirable, or worse. I would hate to think of seeing you as someone's slave. In this day and age, with the new magic being found every day, one could do that to you. Though you would look lovely with a choker , but not one that would control your very thoughts. Now it's back to the Inn with you."

Selina sent, "See what I mean about the mother hen? And you thought your Mother was bad."

"We have a long ride ahead of us and I for one am not looking forward to it." Seth saw the look that Amarantha gave him and he added ," I have never ridden a horse before. Let alone a Unicorn." He blushed and looked down. "I would be ever in your debt if you would help me tomorrow. I saw how well you ride Elite, and I was hoping for a few pointers."

Walking back to the Inn, Seth makes sure that Amarantha is safe before he heads back to the stables.

"What were you talking to her about? Both of you got quiet back there. I saw some of the expressions on her face. Anger, fear and a bit of surprise. What did you tell her?"

"Oh it was just ladies talking, nothing more. You know she will become a very powerful goddess some day. But she will have a caring heart and soul. You will be able to say that you helped her along. But I would not mention that to her." Selina laughs and then adds, " I have that list. There are a few shops still open, and the Misguided Spell Shop just popped into view. The lights are on and I see someone working in there. Let's stop in there first. Then we can see about the horses."

"I will remember to do just that. The Misguided spell shop? Popped into view? What do you mean?" Seth turned and noticed the small shop behind him. "Where did that come from?"

"Never mind Seth Fye. Let us go and see if he has anything on our list. The first thing I am thinking about is a good strong tent that will withstand the winds and yet keep us warm."

"Don't forget that there are more than just us two. There are seven of us, counting Tizzy. I am not sure if they have winters on their moon. But let's not take any chances. We will get what we need and then find a shop that carries coats. Thick warm coats. And perhaps a cover for you. I remember the other winters we were stuck in.

"Yes, I remember one where you threatened to use me as firewood so that you could stay warm. Remember?"

"Now you know I wouldn't do that. Anyway you can't burn. I tried to. Remember?"

Selina kept quiet after that. They walked into the Misguided Spell Shop, and then they disappeared.

Shop and all!

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