Child of the Moon - Aelora D'Annelle

Aelora D'Annelle is a vital part of our moon's survival. Each century a child is born who is the life force of the moon. Her life is centered in the Heart of Moon where she lives as our most honored of people. If she is not in the Heart when the old one dies or if she should die without a new life force to replace her our planet will simply explode.

She is reaching her time of change. It is of great import that The Lady finds her and return her before the change begins. If she is not guided through it properly Aelora would most assuredly bring about the total destruction of this planet and our moon.

The Lady has followed Aelora's moonbeam to this world but for some unknown reason her light is fading. She lost her just after arriving in this town. A kind stranger told The Lady she might find help here at the dragon's Inn.

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